Australia is the only steel making nation that does nothing to protect its steel manufacturing facilities from unfair international competition.

The future of thousands of jobs in the Illawarra are now at risk.

BlueScope is threatening to close NSW's last remaining blast furnace. This means the loss of well paying jobs for generations of Illawarra residents.

We cannot afford to lose these jobs

Australia has already lost most of its manufacturing industry. The nation and the region cannot afford to lose any more.

The clean energy future will use a lot of steel. Making it here is better for the environment, employment and the economy.


Australia will miss out.

A strong steel industry in the Illawarra will be a platform for the growth of green jobs in renewable energy technology manufacture, efficient building products and next generation public transport.

If the blast furnace goes, NSW risks missing out on the green future jobs boom.

Greens are taking Federal Action

The Greens are demanding that state and federal governments lock in the future of steel making using infrastructure procurement policies. We are also campaigning for government to begin to take up ownership of the Port Kembla Steel Mill, so that jobs can be secured and the plant can be transformed to lead the low-coal steel revolution.

The Australian Greens have initiated two successful motions in federal Parliament calling on the Coalition government to save the Port Kembla steel industry.

Taking action in NSW

The Greens NSW have legislation before the NSW Parliament calling for 100% of the steel used in the state government's $17 billion infrastructure budget to come from Australian blast furnaces. There is strong backing for this position from the union movement and across the industry. A recent BIS Shrapnel report identifies the cost of this policy at just $34 million per annum. This is just 0.2% of the NSW infrastructure budget to secure the future of the steel industry and the 10,000 plus regional jobs it supports in the Illawarra.

Steel, coal mines and climate

Globally steel manufacture is a big emitter of greenhouse gases that are affecting the climate. But the fact is we need steel to build a low carbon economy and steel made in the Illawarra is made with far higher environmental and labour standards than most steel imported from overseas.

By keeping a strong steel industry in the Illawarra we can also give investment certainty to the industry. This is what is needed to attract the long term investment in even cleaner steel-making that makes steel with cutting-edge low carbon technologies such as electrolysis powered by renewable energy.

Sign The Petition

To: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Premier Mike Baird

I ask you to support the continuation of steel manufacturing in Port Kembla.

I ask Premier Baird to support the Steel Industry Protection Bill 2016 which has been introduced into the NSW Parliament.

I ask Prime Minister Turnbull to introduce and support similar legislation in the Australian Parliament.

Retaining steel manufacturing in Australia is important for the security and wellbeing of our local communities, our capacity to support downstream manufacturing industries and our national security.

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